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Work with a Workers’ Compensation lawyer in Huntington, WV

McQueen Davis PLLC is a trusted law firm with a reputation for protecting the rights of the injured and mistreated. Work with a Lawyer who knows about Workers’ Compensation and when You can Sue your Employer for:

  • Workers’ Compensation Discrimination (when you are disciplined or fired while receiving Workers’ Comp benefits
  • Workers’ Compensation Fraud (when your employer or adjuster lies to the Office of Judges about your injury
  • Deliberate Intent (when your serious work-related injury is caused by the employer’s violation of a well-recognized safety standard

Get the legal support you need from McQueen Davis

Get the legal support you need from McQueen Davis

Reach out to McQueen Davis today to discuss your situation with a qualified administrative law lawyer in Huntington, WV. We can help you:

  • File charges after any type of professional malpractice
  • Defend you against legal or medical malpractice charges
  • Sue your employer for damages after a work-related accident

If you are a licensed Professional (doctor, lawyer, nurse, chiropractor, osteopathic physician, psychologist, or other licensed professional) and receive a complaint to your Board that puts your license at risk, the lawyers at McQueen Davis PLLC have knowledge and experience in the defense of these administrative claims. Call our office now to schedule an appointment with a workers’ comp fraud lawyer in Huntington, WV.