We’re Not Afraid to Stand Up to Insurance Companies

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You pay for your insurance policy because you trust that an insurance company will put your best interests above their own. But that isn’t always the case. When an insurance provider takes advantage of you or denies you coverage without cause, talk to an insurance claim lawyer.

McQueen Davis PLLC has years of insurance law experience, and we can help you stand up to your insurance company. Call our office in Huntington, WV today to schedule an appointment with an insurance claim lawyer.

We’ll protect your best interests

We’ll protect your best interests

When you invest in insurance you assume that your insurance company will hold their end of the bargain. If your insurance company is not living up to it's end of the bargain and denying to pay your claim or offering you a low ball settlement we can help protect your rights. Insurance lawsuits are complicated and stressful. It’s important to work with an insurance fraud lawyer you can trust. McQueen Davis handles a range of insurance cases, including those that involve:

  • Bad faith insurance claims
  • Unfair Claims Settlement Practices
  • Arson or Fraud Claims

Don’t let your insurance company take advantage of you. Insurance companies purposely use frustrating tactics to tire you out as a consumer so you will stop your pursuit of getting further compensation. Insurance companies do this purposely to reduce costs by lowering the amount they pay out on rightful claims. Our team of insurance claim lawyers have the necessary experience and dedication to take on the large insurance companies and get you the claim you deserve. If you have been wrongfully denied insurance benefits under a policy that you regularly paid premium for give us a call today. Call McQueen Davis now to arrange for a consultation with an insurance fraud lawyer in Huntington, West Virginia. We’ll work tirelessly during the course of your case to achieve favorable results.